Boredom Roleplay(open and accepting)

Im just bored and i love 2 rp so :3
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 The Heir to The Dark Kingdom

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PostSubject: The Heir to The Dark Kingdom   Wed Jul 13, 2011 3:51 pm

Name:Baset Méchant Dark
Gender: Female

Birthday:October 31st about a few thousand years ago
Chinese Zodiac:Tiger
Zodiac: Sco
Favorite Colors:black,deep purple,bright blue,bright green,and white
Ruling Planet:Mars
Birth Date Ruler: Mars the warrior
Tarot Card: Empress (Queen, Soul, Ishtar, Demeter) Fertility and birth; beauty; receptivity; recognizing essences; must do something.

Birthstone: Tiger Eye
On the dark side: Cruel; Violent; Angry; Controlling; Willful; Choleric
At her best:Courage; Daring; Initiating; Determined
Biggest Challenge: trusting others and believing in people
Hobbies: remembering the old times,reading ancient books of mythology and language,and writing letters to her dead lover

Height:5 foot 7 inches
Personality:Essences; Purification of will; Intuitive Function Mindful; Aware of opposites: and dark and silent to most people
Dislikes: ignorance,lack of knowledge,and stupidity
Likes: intelligence,kindness,honesty, trustworthiness,and loyalty

Life Story:She was born in that castle.....once a place a of happiness and joy for her is now distant memories.She was left behind in the great war many ages ago.Her family didnt want their only child killed.Most of her family fought in that war never to return.Then it was just her and her mother they went on as much as could with their lives.Until her mother was brutally murdered by assassins from another kingdom.Then she found the love of her life.He made her happy,and he made her feel good and loved.Then once again fate took away her happiness.Now she tries to find another that will make her feel the way he did and to bring her kingdom back to its former glory.
EXTRAS!!!!:She is bisexual as well as insane.She's been seen by many doctors to find out her problems but none can find them.She like strong independent women,but not vain,cocky or preppy.She prefers the darker personalities in males and females.
She also has a very loyal pet Cerberus like creature.

His name is Anubis after the eygptian god of the dead.She also Has three Black cats.Their names are Noir,Mitternact,and Malveillant
The meaning behind her name is Baste the eygptian goddess of the cats.Méchant is french for wicked,and Dark was her families last name.
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The Heir to The Dark Kingdom
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